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ADDRESS: 100 US-290 West Dripping Springs, TX 78620


Doc Jones is a 4th generation Texan with 39 years of experience in the central Texas Hill Country in Wildlife management, property management, carpentry, rainwater collection systems and management, ranching and livestock as well as small farm services. His diverse background gives him a unique perspective when helping buyers and sellers in the market. Doc has designed and built his own Hill Country home with a complete rainwater collection system. His vast knowledge of septic and water systems has made him a tremendous resource to the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District and earned him a spot on the board of directors. 


Doc also has a considerable working knowledge of livestock and land management with experience in moving cattle and clearing and reclaiming land. A little-known fact about Doc is that he spent years on the big and small screens as a horseman, riding the ranges. He also served as a sound tech on several major network news productions. 

From The Horse's Mouth

I like finding the right piece of property or home for someone and helping them get it bought. Then I like helping connect them to the people and services that they need to make their own.


West of Weird Properties is a very effective real estate brokerage company. In a time when agents switch brokerages weekly in search of the right combo of folks and focus, WoW properties has people who have been working together for more than 12 years and running. A real estate brokerage works much more effectively when the folks who work there are happy to be there and are comfortable working together. Working well together over time is a benefit to everyone involved, and definitely makes a difference for our clients.


With my background as a carpenter from high school through college, I took those skills to design and help build my own home. I also design and build rainwater collection systems. My own home is 100% rainwater collection with no back-up, and is now 16 years old!


I have helped people with their livestock management programs by buying and moving stocker calves to and from their properties. I had a land clearing business for some years clearing cedar and reclaiming land by planting native grasses in cleared areas.

I know a considerable amount about septic systems and water wells and currently serve on the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District board of directors.

When I’m not working with clients I am playing “catch-up” around my place and playing music.

Most people don’t know that I rode horses in the movies for several years: “Rambo 3,” Columbia pictures “Geronimo,” “Far and Away,” “Son of The Morning Star,” and Busch Beer commercials.

My main gig was as a sound tech with a video cameraman for the major networks, traveling to conflicts around the world and gathering audio for productions of Oprah, Dr. Phil, CBS Sports, “60 Minutes,” “20-20,” “Nightline,” “Dateline.”

My definition of an ideal day is to get to the end of it and be able to say “ that was the best one yet!”

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